Global Community Health Foundation

Objectives of the foundation

Who We Are

Partnering towards building a solid foundation of health, wealth, gender equality, and peace for generations through best innovative practices and multi-sectoral and inter-disciplinary integration and networking

Our Objectives


— Our Mission

To develop an organizational structure for Disease and Community Development Research Institute substantially similar to that which obtains in institutes of similar nature all over the world.


— Our Mission

To design new curricular and training programmes for physicians, scientist, nurses, students and other care providers, as well as for persons afflicted with infectious disease.


— Our Mission

To develop drugs, cures, treatment, therapies, medications and the like for the prevention, management and treatment of infectious diseases including, but not limited to, HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, diarrhea disease.


— Our Mission

To conduct phases I-III clinical trials of and for new and existing vaccines, drugs, cures, treatment, therapies, medications and the like for the prevention, management and treatment of diseases generally.


— Our Mission

To establish, nurture and develop links and contacts with other institutes or organizations    (civil society and multiplier organizations) that conduct and/ or support diseases and community development research whether in Nigeria or elsewhere.


— Our Mission

To assist in the provision of programmes of preventive healthcare and medical services to rural dwellers, especially with regard to HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as well as other emerging and reemerging diseases of reproductive and environmental health.


— Our Mission

To assist in the improvement of the state of healthcare delivery by;

  • Educating people on health-related issues in both urban and rural communities.
  • Establishing and managing programmes for improved water supply
  • Establishing and managing programmes for improved environmental sanitation
  • Establishing and managing clinics to improve public access to healthcare
  • Establishing and managing programmes for improved nutrition especially in rural communities including school health programmes.

— Our Vision

To assist with the provision of care and education for orphans of HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children (OVC).


— Our Story

To assist in the promotion of Human Resources Development (educational and skills acquisition) including scholarship awards supply of books other library and scientific etc. to educational institutions at all levels in rural and urban areas.


— Our Story

To assist in the promotion/establishment of peace, and encourage participation in leadership by women and other minorities.


— Our Story

To establish, promote and manage college funds for the benefit of the qualifying students.


— Our Story

To establish, promote programmes and provide counselling for conflict management, conflict resolution, post conflict recovery and improved understanding with tolerance among different socio-ethnic cultures within the communities.


— Our Story

Consistent with the foregoing, to

  • Organize colloquiums, symposia and other activities;
  • Make grants or distributions to individuals in support of programmes and activities which have educational, scientific and/ or charitable purpose

— Our Story

To take any and all actions and to conduct any and all activities as shall from time to time be found appropriate in connection with the foregoing purposes of the foundation. The foundation may maintain close working relations with any organization or institution in furtherance of any of the forgoing purposes.